Kylie's a proper whirlwind! From banking to bodybuilding, art degrees to mushroom madness! She is the creator of the magical world of Mushroom Marvellous – born from a love of the forest and a pandemic need to keep busy. Talk about talent! This lass even wrote a series of kids' books. Now, as Gaffer of The Northern Lass Lounge, Kylie's your go-to guru for getting noticed on social media. What she doesn't know, isn't worth knowing! Kylie is your one stop shop for getting eyes on your socials.


Whether it's your business or your life needing a lift, Lozza's the lass with the plan. She's the Lounge's Vision Board and Toppa Token queen, ready to show you how to dream big and make it happen. With coaching smarts, years of teaching, and a belief in you that'll knock your socks off, Lozza's all about juicy experiences and saying; "It'll Be Reet". She's even got 'Lasses Night In' for when you fancy a social that grows your biz! Lozza is the Legend you call when you need some faith in your vision and manifesting magic, when you need to develop a community in your Facebook group and when you want to write a book but don’t now where to start.


Ruth, the "Reluctant Entrepreneur," went from feeling lost to making a difference as a proper business owner. She wasn't keen on all that capitalism stuff at first, but found her fire in teaching, supporting, and community. Even with a few curveballs, she built Ecologico – workshops, green living, even a podcast! Ruth says the Lounge community helped her get there and as our Queen of Mental Health Support and all things funding bids, Ruth is the Legend you need when you think you can’t and don’t know if you can.


Mirren's the branding boss! With decades of experience in design, eye for making things pop, she started her own business to help others shine. Logos, stationery, the lot – she's your one-stop shop. Pandemic pivoter too, she's got an Etsy store that's mint. Mirren's always helping Lasses look their best on social media. The Lounge's whole look? That's all Mirren – just wait and see what magic she can work for you! Mirren is the must see legend for anything and everything to do with making your branding stand out from the crowd.

sarah jane phelps

Sarah - aka Phelpsy - is our very own proper Mary Poppins, always helping lasses reach their goals. A super stylish nail salon owner, consultant – she's done it all, now she mentors with practical tips to get you sorted – and sometimes arrows. Phelpsy is a single mam, NLP whiz and an expert at changing your mindset. With workshops, courses, chats one-on-one, Phelpsy is the Legend who is all about getting you shining in business, health, love, the lot!!

AMY MArtin

Amy's a business whirlwind. She started selling makeup while on maternity, then went all-in on bridal glam – she loves making lasses feel gorgeous with a bit of skincare and savvy makeup tips and Amy built a free confidence challenge, joined the Next Level Lounge crew... then life threw a curveball. But did she give in? Not a chance! Now she's rocking web design and online course creation over at Amy-Martin.com, helping thousands of women while travelling the globe. That's Lounge support for ya! Amy is the Legend you go to if you want your tech sorting and your profit planning as well as a good old kick up the confidence butt!


Angela is the baby massage queen! She loves to help parents and babies to bond through massage, but when it came to her own social media, she was shy as owt. Well, not anymore! Due to Angela’s commitment to the lasses, she’s now known for her brilliant posts, not just about massage, but helping other Lounge Lasses find their online voice as well. Angela's proof you can overcome anything and make the internet a kinder place while you're at it. Angela is your go-to legend for marketing and creating your own ‘canny content’!